Dynamic business seeks dynamic individuals

Anyone who knows anything about us understands we aren’t big on real estate clichés at Brown Murray. And that includes the people we recruit. Consequently, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie and drive a BMW to be part of our team (although, if you want to, that’s fine too). Age, background, experience – these aren’t our main priorities. The most important thing is your attitude. You need a dynamic mindset to thrive in a dynamic environment like ours.

Just to be clear, you won’t find any prima donnas here. However, in an environment where our Managing Director Collin Dolmans insist that everyone is treated equally, there can be disagreements. And that’s great.

We’re talking about healthy debate between passionate individuals – the kind of debate that energises us and drives our ongoing development, as individuals and as a business.

Forget the franchise mindset

This ongoing evolution is further facilitated by our independence. We’re not bound by a restrictive franchise model. We’re free to grow with our people and the market. That’s why we don’t have an old-fashioned roster-rep system or restrictions on who can work in certain suburbs.

Whether you’re selling homes or providing back-office support that’s second to none, we want you to concentrate on what you do best. No silly rules or straitjackets, just all the scope you could wish for in a dynamic environment where you’ll never feel like you’ve outgrown our business, partly because it’s constantly growing, but also because you can drive that growth.

Question is, are you good enough?

If you’ve got ideas about how to make things better, we want to hear them. Likewise, while we have structures and procedures in place to ensure you have the support you need, we won’t be looking over your shoulder. If you need help, you’ll find it at hand. But we believe it’s up to you to use your initiative to make the most of the support and opportunities our unique workplace offers.

So, does the opportunity to use your initiative to do things the right way (rather than ‘the way it’s always been done’) excite you or scare you?

If you’d like to find out more about developing your career with us, contact our Director Collin Dolmans, in confidence, on 9251 6688 or email your resume to collin@bmre.com.aureplica patek philippe neptune